Tien Shan Chi kung

Radar Hands

One of the things we focus on in our Chi Kung is feeling energy. When you focus on this feeling as you do the various exercises you increase your sensitivity to energy little by little. At first most people begin to feel energy in their hands. Later it spreads to more and more of the body.

As we learn to feel energy in our hands the exercises we do increase the power with which it radiates outwards from the hands (makes the aura bigger). We do some exercises which teach us to feel the energy from our hands after it reflects off a wall and then back to the hands.

Your ability to project energy with your hands grows in power as does your sensitivity so eventually you can feel your energy reflecting off a wall from several feet away, you will become able to feel the energy of some large trees from many feet away. When you learn this, of course, you can also feel the energy that other people give off. Energy healing techniques allows you to scan another person's body with your hand six inches away and feel where there is inflamation, injury, sickness, broken bones, and more. This sensitivity can become very acute. My teacher, for example, can feel the interior of a person's bones, and know whether their bone marrow is young and juicy or dry.

Another example of this ability at it's higher levels is this: My Chi Kung teacher has so much energy and my Yang Tai Chi teacher, Andy Dale, is so sensitive to energy that if my Tai Chi teacher is standing around inside a big building he can feel the energy when my my Chi Kung teachers is standing around outside, and he can follow this feeling to locate him.

There are many exercises for increasing the energy sensitivity of your hands and the power with which you can project Chi from them. A few of the games we play are: for example we practice energizing objects or spots on the floor and then scanning for them. There are experiments to see how many feet away another can feel the energy from your palm. Later there is practice to see how much thickness of wood a person can project their Chi through.

Energy sensitivity spreads over the body in a fairly predictable pattern, at least in Tien Shan Chi Kung. It starts with the hands, first the palms and then the backs of the hands, then the forearms, then usually the forehead. After that the face, then neck, first the front and then the back, and then shoulders are able to sense external energy. As you can see, these sensitivities evolve first in areas that have the highest priority for self defense. I don't know whether this is due to the way Tien Shan Chi Kung is taught or is simply due to human instinct.

As we learn this sensitivity to energy we also learn to let the energy move us, which teaches us to yield to energy.

An example: One day I was walking across my back yard and I walked under a low branch on my cedar tree. This branch is not low enough to hit my head on but it's close. Anyway, I forgot about the branch but as I neared it I felt it's proximity due to feeling it's energy on my forehead and I ducked instinctively, without thinking.

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