Tien Shan Chi Kung

Martial aspects of Tien Shan

The Way of cultivating martial prowess without also cultivating fighting mind.

Tien Shan Chi Kung is a Nei Kung but it also falls under the classification of martial art, being more like the holistic internal martial art systems of the past, which included meditation, energy cultivation, a spiritual practice, and healing techniques. One way to think of it is as an exercise system created for warriors. It enhances speed of movement, it enhances striking power at a fundamental level, and it increases sensitivity, agility, and certain psychic benefits which are a benefit to self defense. It also teaches self defense abilities on a subconcious level, similar to the way Tai Chi does, but in a more subtle way.

I had a long time student who was advanced in Kung Fu and at one point he told me he was shocked I was offering this stuff to the public. At the time I didn't know what he was talking about because I was a relative newcomer to it but he saw how it related to self defense in a way that I wasn't aware of even though I was the one teaching it, which points to the subtlety yet success of the martial aspect of this Chi Kung.

For those who are primarily interested in self defense, maximum benefit will be derived from blending Tien Shan Chi Kung with a traditional Taoist martial art, like Tai Chi or Pa Kua. Essentially what Tien Shan does is make your Taoist art of choice totally awesome.

Tien Shan Chi Kung has no connection to or similarity with the Tien Shan Kung Fu system from Taiwan.

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