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Tien Shan Hermitage

Beauty and Environmental Purity

Eternal Springtime

We are high on the backbone of South America in Southern Ecuador, not far from Peru, a few hundred miles south of the equator. Due to the 7000 foot altitude, even here near the equator,the temperature is always above 60 and almost never above 80 degrees F, with variable sun, clouds and showers. It is said to be like eternal springtime. Also, due to the altitude and clean air the sky is a deeper and more intense blue than you normally see. This kind of strong blue color is very good for health. Ecuador is the country, famous in the world, for having the most biodivesity of any country on the planet. Our air comes to us after passing over the ten billion trees and countless rainstorms of the Amazon basin, so it has a cleanness and sparkle you don't see often. We are within hiking distance of the Podacarpus National Park, which sits along the crest of the Andes, and has the most biodiversity of any place on Earth.

The Sacred Valley

There are several natural springs, some possibly yet to be discovered, since the springs are close to the mountain tops the water has an amazing purity of around 28 ppm dissolved solids, which is considered almost like distilled water, super pure and an important tool for bodily regeneration.

Emerald Land

We are located in one of the five official Shangri Las of the world, were many people in their nineties and well over 100 years of age are out working in their farms every day, and they are such happy people. Getting around, exploring the mountain trails, finding all the alluring and exotic places, the high energy meditation spots, and searching for ripe fruit as you go, provides a person with plenty of the world's second best exercise, walking along mountain trails.

Cloud Forest

After I moved down here to Southern Ecuador I was told that the spiritual center of the planet had moved from the Himalayan mountains to the Andes mountains, so that must be why I came here, without knowing that, to establish this spiritual community.

Land of many Cascades

So far we have planted over 7000 trees for reforestation and hundreds of fruit trees, with many more to come. The land was previously mostly cleared for grazing cattle so it is being returned to it's original natural wild state, like a blank slate that we can create art with, and make it more like the incredible forests in nearby Podacarpus park. That is being blended with a permaculture food forest. Organic, of course.

Distant mountains

Due to the outstanding growing conditions fruits and vegetables grow amazingly fast and well all year long. Wild orchids and air plants grow on many of the trees and rock walls here, and nearby Podacarpus National Park is overflowing with orchids.

Mandango Mountain - Vilcabamba

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