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Taoist Retreat in Ecuador

Tien Shan Hermitage - In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in the wilderness near the crest of the Andes Mountains

Come here to learn and practice Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and high energy meditations, to detoxify with pure food, air, water, and to acquire deep relaxation that comes from secluding yourself in a beautiful natural place.

A Taoist hermitage is like a Buddhist monastery, but more casual, in that some people can come to live here for a fairly long time in order to master the path by living here and helping out in the gardens. Students live in relative solitude in small meditation huts, surrounded by natural beauty where they can practice what they learn in the privacy of their camp.

The accomodations are simple, natural, and eco friendly. It is kind of like camping but in little A frame huts in a wooded area that was an Inca camp in the past. There is no electricity in Indian Village but there is a water supply with water for showering and cooking. Students donate some time to help in the gardens, where we are working on growing fruit and vegetables. There is a lot of freedom, so if you wish you can find a spot on these 70 magnificent acres where you can set up your own camp.

Payment - Daily rates for staying less than a week are $25 per day, which includes facilities, three meals, and chi kung classes. For new long term students weekly rates are $140 a week for the first two weeks, After that, monthly rates are $400 a month, with the student preparing their own breakfast and making their tea or coffee in their camp.

It is hoped that students will donate a daily hour or so in the gardens doing some weeding and garden care although it is not required. Sitting on the grass and pulling weeds is a most excellent relaxation and healing excercise after the stress of life in the city. Serious long term students who might have some financial difficulty are welcome to do more physical work in a work/trade deal to help pay for their stay, since we still have to buy plenty of food. The rate of credit is the same as local Ecuadorian hard laborers get, which is $2.50/hr. so for example if you work 18 (3hr X 6) to 20 (4hr X 5) hours a week it will pay for half of the cost of staying here.

Student/visitor Application - Please answer the questions and return via email Application

Due to uncommon weather conditions for lowlanders and the wild high altitude nature of the place you should come with certain supplies. Supplies to Bring

Security and Safety - This is a secure place. It is shaped like the crater of a volcano. The outside of the volcano shape on the side with the cabins is a high cliff which only experienced mountain climbers with ropes could scale. The only access comes in by the house and so no one is going to be able to arrive here without being seen by the three German Shepherd guard dogs. There is a locked gate down at the highway. If you hike up into the mountains then you are going away from civilization on a private road so the chance of seeing another person is remote. If you go hiking you can take some of the dogs with you.

It is about a two mile walk into the nearby town of Yangana. It is a tiny town that is completely safe and very friendly because foreigners are a novely there.

In order to get here you fly in to Quito or Guayaquil, and then take a short flight via Tame Airlines to the Loja city airport, which is located in the city of Catamayo. From there we can send a taxi to pick you up and bring you here or you can take any taxi at the airport and give them directions, write for details.

Trails - Miles of trails have been built that go from mountain and ridge tops with views of endless mountain ranges, to mountainside springs and secluded stream valleys abounding with the energy of life. You are invited to go hiking to explore and discover secluded peaceful places that are ideal for mediation. It has that feeling because the last people that lived here were the ancient Incas. Guests who are sensitive to energy remark on the marvelously clean sparkling energy they feel here.

This area of mountains, valleys, and volcanos along the crest of the Andes Mountains is laced with ancient trails that are still in use. You can hike and backpack in the nearby Podacarpus National Park along the crest of the continental divide, and it is possible to hike to the continental divide from here. The Podacarpus National Park has more biodiversity than any other place on Earth.

There are several natural springs, and since the springs are close to the mountain tops the water has an amazing purity of around 28 ppm dissolved solids, which is considered almost like distilled water, super pure and an important tool for health regeneration.

Also living here is a master chef, certified raw food educator and nutrition expert, Yolanta Mordas. So even here, far from civilization, you have a chance to eat delicious meals. Nutrition

No alcohol drinking here, you can go to Vilcabamba for that.

The center house / temple is built with it's back buried into the mountainside, feeling like a cave, and imitating, in a way, the high mineral density of the crystal laden practice caves of the ancient sages of China.

Only a few people will be here at any one time in order not to change the natural wild energy of the place.

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Supplies Supplies to bring

The Beauty and Environmental Purity Mountain paradise

Nutrition Healthy cooking and raw food Preparation

The town, Vilcabamba World famous

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Center House / Temple