~ From a lineage of Dragons ~

"If you do this Chi Kung for three months you will notice changes in yourself. If you do this Chi Kung for six months the changes can be quite profound. "If you do this chi kung for ten years you will be able to look inside another person's body and see where his sicknesses are." ~ Master Yueng

Tien Shan Chi Kung

The tradition of Taoist internal alchemy recognizes nature and the universality of all human life, and is aware of that which flows naturally between the two parts:

1. The principle of Nei Kung is to know the foundations of peace.

2. To study is the path to bravery.

The primary practice here is Tien Shan Chi Kung, as taught by Mr. Yueng to me, which requires some months to get a good solid foundation, and it's better to keep returning to learn it for a few years.

Other practices which can be shared with students, depending on their focus, and who are here for a shorter while are, in addition to Tien Shan Chi Kung, the following:

Yang style tai chi broadsword form.

Deeper principles of tai chi and ways of moving in the internal arts that are being steadily hidden and lost from the public these days

How to use tai chi, as well as the other Taoist inernal martial arts (which all use the same principles) as a effective and efficient form of self defense which is very unlike the sport or competition martial arts. This is learned and practiced gently because it is a soft art.

I've been learning and practicing various Eastern meditative arts for close to forty years, focusing primarily on the Taoist arts, and have been teaching Tien Shan for 20 years. I've learned and practice many types of Chi Kung as well as various forms of Tai Chi, including sword forms.

I met Fook Yueng over twenty years ago and love him dearly, Fook Yueng - Master Fook Yueng was one of a small group of five of the world's most powerful/advanced Chi Kung masters from China. From him I learned Tien Shan Chi Kung for eight years, taught as a full system of Taoist internal alchemy. Fook Yueng was truly one in a million, he was one of the world's most advanced martial artists, uncle and primary teacher of Bruce Lee, and a powerful healer and true Taoist wizard. He had a bright energy that sparkled, and his joy was contagious. His psychic abilities and vast chi power were amazing. To learn more about Mr. Yueng and his connection with Bruce Lee visit this link - Mr. Yueng

Mr. Yueng created several other masterpieces. He only taught a few people in his garage, and so...

From him I learned this beautiful form of spiritual martial Chi Kung, one of the few fast and powerful Taoist spiritual systems, Tien Shan Chi kung. A soft, slow, flowing, and exotic type of dance, and like all of the truly Taoist arts must, it can't exist without embodying a deep beauty. It is my favorite and the one I prefer to practice and teach.

When the handful of students was trained, which took many years, Mr. Yueng retired. It is his intention that his students give this powerful gift of healing to the public.

A true spiritual path of the warrior is a rare, fast, and challenging path to enlightenment, as all the powerful ones must be.

People who have had internal organ (torso) surgery within the last five years, women who are pregnant, and those who have ever had heart or brain surgery should not participate in this practice.

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Early summer morning in Snow Valley in the Entiat Range, far from the nearest road, a most excellent place to practice.