Tien Shan Nei Kung

Some Benefits
SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Tien Shan Nei Kung contains many different types of meditation. These serve to teach us to understand and cultivate energy, and to aid spiritual growth. At first they increase the chi power of your hands, which are your tools for energy work, which makes them much more effective for increasing the chi power in your body. After the body is healed and there is alot of energy in the belly it is focused on the heart, which greatly expands it's energy field. Lastly all this chi power in your body is focused on your head, which should only be done by people who are very emotionally stable, self honest, and well grounded. Having a lot of energy in your head is a requirement for enlightenment and the wonders that lie beyond, and is why depictions of saints and enlightened masters show a ball of light around their heads. There are meditation methods for energizing your third eye, which will make you more psychic and aware of the spirit world, which will be wonderous, terrifying, and highly educational. Lastly the meditations and power are used to highly energize your crown point so that it sends out a powerful beam of energy. This is said to be a requirement for being a Taoist preist, although we are not preists. It is like having an opening in the top of your head through which the universe is reflected inside, and you find yourself knowing things without knowing why. After following this secret system of meditations for many years and these atributes are well established, if you are highly ethical and truly wish the best for the world you may find yourself invited into the ranks of the immortals.
STRENGTH. The movements increase flexibility and muscle tone which will make you feel more alive and open, with a stronger sense of wellbeing. Your agility and balance will improve. This Chi Kung strengthens all the small muscles and bones that hold your body together and thus helps reduce the chances of injury due to accidents or aging. In order to cultivate high Chi power a person needs the vitality that comes from good strength and flexibility. At higher levels it works more on strengthening bones and on rejuvenating bone marrow.
INTERNAL ORGANS. The movements massage the internal organs.   This improves organ function and circulation within the torso.  The result is improved gastrointestinal function, nutrient absorption, and glandular function  A full spectrum of combined flexing and twisting of the back and torso is accomplished in a short amount of time.
RELAXATION. Relaxation increases sensitivity and therefore your perception and awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Deep relaxation allows you to let go of constant striving and to feel tension, which can then be released. It also plays a major role in allowing healing to take place.  The soft stretching exercises have been shown to strengthen the immune system and calm the nervous system.
ENERGY. Chi Kung stretches and opens the meridian pathways so energy can flow more freely. The movements also affect the flow of energy via the interaction of the energy fields of the hands and the body (sometimes called massaging the aura).  This Chi Kung is highly effective at training people to become sensitive to the energy in their body, in their surroundings, and in others. Tien Shan Chi Kung is a rare type of chi kung due to it's focus, which is to cultivate the most chi power in the least amount of time, and all the brilliant little known methods which make that possible.

After doing this Chi Kung for awhile you will feel a sense of buoyancy, energy, and vigor. Others can sense this and are often attracted to this energy without knowing why.

"We went to an open house at the UW hospital and my husband had a free EEG brain wave test. The doctors interpreting the readout said his EEG was like that of a teenager's. (he was 78 at the time)"........ Wife of the master.

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Taoist Immortal Li Ching Yuen, Chi Kung Master and Herbalist. Photo taken at 249 years old.

Li Ching Yuen

The amazing story of master Li Ching-Yuen

Li Ching-Yuen was born in 1678 A.D. (Ching Kang Shi 17th Year) in Chyi Jiang Hsien, Szechuan province, during the seventeenth year of the Manchu Emperor Kang Shi's Reign. He left home at an early age and traveled around southern China with a group of itinerant herb traders, from whom he learned the basics of herbalism.

Later he immigrated to Kai Hsien, Chen's family field (Chen Jia Charng). Lee had the good fortune to meet several highly accomplished Taoist masters, who taught him internal alchemy and chi kung and showed him how to utilize diet and herbal supplements for health and longevity. Master Li was not a celibate. Over the course of his long life he married 14 times, and by the time of his death in 1930, he counted almost 200 living descendants within his extended family.

When he was 71 years old (1749 A.D., Chyan Long 14th Year), he joined the army of provincial Commander-in-Chief Yeuh Jong Chyi.

Li was a herbalist and skilled in Chi Kung, and spent much of his life in the mountain ranges. In 1927 General Yang Sen invited Li to his residence in Wann Hsien, Szechuan province, where a picture was taken of him. He died in 1928 A.D. at the age of 250 years, the year after he returned from this trip.

After he died, General Yang investigated Li's background to determine the truth of his story, and later wrote a report about him entitled: "A Factual Account of the 250 Year-Old Good-Luck Man" (Er Bae Wuu Shyr Suey Ren Ruey Shyr Jih), which was published by the Chinese and Foreign Literature Storehouse (Jong Wai Wen Kuh), Taipei, Taiwan.

Modern scholars confirmed his identity, traced his life all the way back to the year of his birth, and conclusively verified his lifespan. Master Lee's life demonstrates how well Taoist longevity techniques work when properly practiced. Master Lee continued to take long hikes in the mountains until the final years of his life; he remained sexually active for over two centuries, never became senile and died with all of his own teeth and most of his hair.

From one of his grand students:

Da Liu has a remarkable tale about his teacher, Li Ch'ing Yuen, who was born in 1678 in China. He married fourteen times, had 180 direct descendants spanning eleven generations, and lived to be 250 years old, according to Da Liu. Three years before his death in 1930, a Chinese General met Li Ch'ing Yuen and later described his physical appearance: He has good eyesight and a brisk stride; Li stands seven feet tall, has very long fingernails, and a ruddy complexion. Many of Li's disciples were over 100 years old. What was the secret to his longevity? When he was 130 years old, he encountered a very old man in the mountains. This man claimed to be 500 years old and attributed his longevity to having practiced a set of exercises similar to Tai Chi Ch'uan. Called Ba-Kua, they included specific sounds, breathing instructions, dietary, and herbal recommendations. The mountain hermit taught these to Li Ch'ing Yuen and he taught them to Da Liu.

From a couple of my friends

The psychic:

Wow, powerful little buzzard that one! Don't you think? Hard life, can't imagine why he would have wished to extend it so?? Much distinguishment, love and laughter in the last half though...once people figured out he had the right idea. Extraodinary PEACE! Geez, if I could be so graced! Wonderful!

The writer:

His eyes melted into their sockets, half closed by the sun. To feel them on me, was sharp, like daggers cutting into my school-boy frame. There was much behind those eyes, a lifetime of knowledge, many stories left untold. He remained calm and calculating, not saying much. His eyes directed me to his intentions. An old man, his hair was thin and shined like silver thread. Wrinkled from the sun, the lines on his face were many, but he wore them like badges of wisdom. We walked toward the sea, fishing poles in hands, when straight from the tales of old fishermens lore, it appeared, hanging over the water, the ever elusive mackerel sky. Floating patches of billowy brilliance, topped off with the suns golden hue, reflecting off the water to create an illumination between heaven and sea. A smile of confidence grew on the old mans face. His gait became larger as he began to hurry his steps. He took on child like qualities as his excitement grew larger than mine. The last time he had seen a sky like this, he was only a school-boy himself. He had waited a lifetime to see it again.

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